My name is Angelo Fu. I couldn't figure out how to get that picture any smaller. This is my website.

I am a person. I have some strong and non-expert opinions and thoughts on things like the vapidity of social media, the tyranny of tipping, and the right way to teach Algebra. I studied math at Middlebury College, started my career consulting with BTS, and have worked in a growth marketing capacity at several startups. Most recently, I started (and shuttered) a food startup called Loaves. To learn slightly more about my career, you can check out my LinkedIn profile. To learn even more, or to ask my something, or whatever, you can contact me.

Here are some things I like:

  • Lists, enumerated and non
  • Noodle soups
  • Japanese curry
  • The Golden State Warriors
  • Thoughtful conversations
  • Some clothes
  • 30 Rock
  • Various podcasts
  • Snow sports
  • Laughing
  • Vocabulary

Here are some things I don't eat:

  • Seafood
  • Turkey, most of the time